Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A quick little birthday cake from some super cute kiddos to their hard working daddy. Because even dads need a birthday cake! 10" confetti cake with chocolate frosting and fondant decorations.

Quilting and Butterflies

I was honored to make this cake for my sweet grandmother's 85th birthday. I can't even tell you how much I love this woman and how badly I wanted to make something that would be a lovely tribute to the life she has led. She loves butterflies and pastels. She also loves to quilt. And she has made a quilt for each child and grandchild's wedding. And she has made a quilt for the birth of each baby. I and my 4 girls have been grateful recipients of her labor of love. We also put together a book for her birthday that has pictures of each quilt and it's happy owner. Of course, she cried! She is such an amazing woman and I hope to still have such a twinkle in my eye when I'm 85. 8" chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream and fondant, 6" lemon with raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant.

Chevron Soccer Cake

My cousin is a bit of a soccer fanatic. And for good reason, too! The girl can rock that soccer ball! So for her birthday, we incorporated her love for soccer with her favorite colors! I love the result! It turned out so cute! 8" French vanilla cake with raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream and fondant, 6" hemisphere French vanilla with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Stargazer Lily Rustic Wedding Cake

I'll apologize for these pictures now. They were taken in the dark with a flash. I had to do some editing to try and reduce the glare, but it's still pretty bad! This is a 9" and 6" square strawberry/lemon marble cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh stargazer lilies.

Polka Dots and Chevrons

A few months ago, I donated a cake to a fundraiser yard sale event. This is the cake I donated! It's a cute little birthday cake for twin girls. One's favorite color is pink, the other's is purple. I was just glad their favorite colors go together well! 8" French vanilla with vanilla buttercream and fondant, and 6" chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Confession time: I have never heard of these books or this author before. So when my friend sent me a picture of this cake and told me what she wanted, I was confused. I was thinking 'Okay, a pigeon cake. It's cute, but that's kind of a weird theme.' Then she told me it was based on a book, and let me borrow it to help me catch the vision. Holy cow, it is so cute! If you haven't read these, do yourself and your kids a favor and head to your local library to check these out. They are so much fun! This is a 10" almond poppyseed cake with chocolate pudding filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant decorations.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Butterflies and Flowers Smash Cake

 A cute little smash cake for a cute little princess! Mom wanted butterflies, flowers, and bright colors. So this is what we came up with! 6" confetti cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant.