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  Thanks for stopping by!  I am mom to 4 daughters and wife to an adorable husband. They all keep me on my toes and running from place to place! I keep my sanity by reading, eating chocolate and drinking Dr. Pepper, Facebooking (that's a verb, right?), painting wood crafts, and of course, creating beautiful cakes!
  Cake back story: one of my cute daughters had recently taken a liking to the reality TV show Cake Boss.  Her birthday was fast approaching and she wanted me to make her a two tier zebra cake for her birthday party. I had watched a few YouTube tutorials and found a recipe for marshmallow fondant. Buddy made this cake decorating thing look like, well, a piece of cake. How hard could it really be? Oh, I was about to find out! Let's just say the birthday party was just minutes away when adorable husband came home from work to find me in full meltdown mode. The cake was an epic fail and I vowed to never step foot in cake land again.
  Picture of first attempt at decorating a cake. Can we say hid-e-ous! I cringe just looking at it! Being the sweetheart she is, my daughter gave me big hugs and told me how much she loved the sad excuse for a cake. Truthfully, I think she was completely scared that her mother had dissolved into a puddle of tears.
  Fast forward 9 months. Adorable husband decided it was time for me to get back on that cake decorating horse. He bought me two cake decorating classes for my birthday and I've been baking cakes for family and friends ever since! Luckily they think what I do looks pretty good.

  Look around, I hope you find something you love! If you have questions or comments, you can reach me at sugarlovecakedesign@gmail.com. I also take orders in the Northern Utah area. I'd love to make a cake for you! Because honestly, a party without cake is just a meeting!

Let's talk cake! sugarlovecakedesign@gmail.com

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  1. I'm making the dr. Seuss yellow smash cake you posted, I have a question hope you can answer it. Whenever I add. Fondant appliqués to frosted cakes they melt and or bleed, any tips on what I can do to avoid that?