Saturday, April 12, 2014

Minecraft Cube cake

This cake probably ties for first place on cakes that have taken me the longest to decorate. There are 958 1/2 inch squares of fondant on that cube. Such a long process! We're talking 10 hours to cut them all out and another 10 hours to assemble them. This is an 8"x 6" cube of French vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant. The pick axe on top is also fondant.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

From the world of Dr. Seuss! I love the author, and love his books! But I won't lie. I've seen the fun, creative, topsy turvy cakes and the intricate designs. And I was terrified. Luckily this was just a smash cake. We'll save the paralyzing fear for a different day. This smash cake was for the same little guy who got the Cat in the Hat smash cake (I'm sensing a theme here), but this one was for his birthday party. It's a 6" chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant details. Those 5 little fish are all hand painted and turned out fabulous!

Single Tier Frozen cake

So Frozen is a recurring theme in my daily life. It might as well make more than one appearance on my blog, right? This is a single tier version of the cake I did a few weeks ago for my daughter's birthday. It's an 8" round strawberry/French vanilla marble with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Cat in the Hat Smash Cake

This cake was too fun! It was a little bit of a challenge because it was all buttercream, except for the name and the 1 on top. So I got to practice my buttercream smoothing skills! This is a 6" round chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream.