Friday, July 25, 2014

High Heel Cheetah Print

This is my new favorite cake I've ever done! This was for my 2nd daughter's birthday. I've been dying to try out a few new techniques I've seen out there. So I coerced her into this cake. Honestly, she is my most girly girl, so once I said pink and high heels and ruffles and cheetah print, she was giddy! The bottom tier is 8" chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream and ombre fondant ruffles. The top tier is 6" yellow cake with chocolate pudding filling, vanilla buttercream, and hand painted cheetah print fondant. The high heel shoe is sugar paste.

Silly boys! Soccer is for girls!

Sporty girls are so fun! I have one of my own and she just brings a little variety to the constant dress up and nail painting and drama. Well, she brings plenty of her own drama. ;) This cake was for a spunky soccer loving girl who needed some pink zebra stripes thrown in there for good measure. It's an 8' French vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant. The soccer ball is a 6" chocolate hemisphere with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

BYU Graduation Cake

This cake was so fun! And I loved making it for an old friend! Her mother-in-law had been working so hard on her degree. She finally finished, but her and her husband got a mission call. And they had to report to the MTC before she could walk. So her family decided to throw her a graduation party and I had the privilege of making the cake. The bottom tier is a 12" French vanilla/chocolate fudge marble with chocolate buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream and fondant. The top tier is a 8" French vanilla/chocolate fudge marble with chocolate buttercream and fondant.

Baseball Diamond Cake

I made this cake for my daughter's softball team. They had an end of season party and they had a fantastic season! It was a great party with splash pads and squirt guns and lots of food! The cake was 4 8"x8" squares put together and carved into a baseball diamond. Then a 6" half sphere for the baseball. The cake was chocolate fudge with chocolate buttercream and fondant details.

Braves Birthday

My weekend was packed full of baseball! Actually my whole spring has been packed with it. My two oldest daughters have been in rec softball, so it's been game time every night of the week. So when I got a request for a Braves cake, I already had this ball on the brain. This is 8' and 6" chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nega Maluca

This cake was for my husband's birthday. He spent some time in Brazil and always talks about this cake. He's been begging me to make nega maluca for a few years now. He even found a recipe in Portugese and translated it for me. So I decided to try it this year for him. It looked pretty, but it needs some more practice.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rustic Wedding and Cupcakes

I'd been planning and prepping for this wedding for quite a while. And stressing over it, I might add. I was thrilled with the end results. And this bride's venue just brought everything together beautifully! Absolutely perfect! The cake is 10" & 8" triple stacked lemon cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream and fresh flowers. 5 dozen cupcakes are French vanilla with vanilla buttercream (coral colored), and 5 dozen cupcakes are lemon with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream (lemon colored).

Batman Cake

It must be the age. Because my 6 year old is constantly in dress up clothes too. But this birthday boy? Always wearing something Batman. Whether it be a shirt, pajamas, or a full fledged costume. His sweet mom probably has to call him Batman to get him to listen to her. Just a guess, but it happens at my house. So it logically follows that the cake is going to be Batman too. Oh, he was in Batman heaven! 8" French vanilla with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Baseball and Soccer

Sometimes you just can't pick a favorite. Sometimes there has to be two! Like soccer and baseball. Both are great in their own spheres. Haha! See what I did there? Balls are spheres! Okay, it's just not as funny if you have to explain it. :) Anywho, this birthday boy couldn't pick his fave. So we gave him both! It is his birthday, after all! 8" chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream and fondant. And 6" hemisphere French vanilla with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I love it when my customers give me a little creative licence on a cake. The initial picture I was given just had a moon and a few stars on top. And some sculpted animals in front. The girl throwing the baby shower said her theme was twinkle, twinkle, little star. And I had this vision of stars cascading down the entire side of the cake. I love how it looks and the mother to be loved it too! 8" and 6" lemon cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Mario Birthday Cake

This cake. Oh my goodness. I'm a little bit of a Mario fan myself and this was so much stinking fun! The mushroom on top did turn out bigger than I had originally envisioned, but I still love how it turned out! I can't take credit for the design. I totally found a picture of this cake on Pinterest and copied it. Why improve on perfection? This cake also marked my first anniversary of selling my cakes. I was lucky enough to make this birthday boy's cake last year also. The cake is 8" red velvet and carved red velvet mushroom with 'mystery frosting' and fondant. The cake and frosting recipe is the birthday boy's grandma's recipe.

Frozen Cake #3

What else can I possibly say about Frozen? The obsession continues, I suppose! Something tells me this isn't the last Frozen cake request I will have! 8" chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream and fondant.