Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Confession time: I have never heard of these books or this author before. So when my friend sent me a picture of this cake and told me what she wanted, I was confused. I was thinking 'Okay, a pigeon cake. It's cute, but that's kind of a weird theme.' Then she told me it was based on a book, and let me borrow it to help me catch the vision. Holy cow, it is so cute! If you haven't read these, do yourself and your kids a favor and head to your local library to check these out. They are so much fun! This is a 10" almond poppyseed cake with chocolate pudding filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant decorations.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Butterflies and Flowers Smash Cake

 A cute little smash cake for a cute little princess! Mom wanted butterflies, flowers, and bright colors. So this is what we came up with! 6" confetti cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Farm cake

My nephew loves his Little People farm set, and he loves animals. So we decided his birthday cake should be based around that. My sister sneakily borrowed his beloved toys so we could put them in a farm! I absolutely love how this cake turned out! 8" and 6" chocolate fudge with raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant. The barn is made from fondant.

Darth Vader

 So when I first got a request for this cake, I glanced at it and thought 'That looks simple enough'. As a week or so went by and I started to study it a little closer, there were a couple elements I became concerned about. And I started to wonder why I had taken the order. Concern #1: the painting on the tiers is air brushed, and I do not own an air brush. Concern #2: I had never sculpted a human figure before. Not only have I not sculpted one before, but I was terrified to even try sculpting one. But nothing ventured, nothing gained! So I did some creative thinking and I watched some YouTube videos and I gave it my best shot. I have to say, I am proud of how Vader turned out. He is my sturdiest sculpture to date, and I may not be quite so terrified of sculpting anymore. He took me about 6 hours, weighed almost 9 ounces, and stood about 6 inches tall. The cake is 10" chocolate fudge with raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant. 8" red velvet with mexican vanilla buttercream and fondant.

Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon

 This was such a fun cake to do, and really was less difficult than I anticipated. Just had to do a little carving. Toothless is a favorite in our house, so it was fun to watch my own kids with this cake. 8" carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and fondant. Toothless is a plastic figure, not sculpted by me.

Star Wars cake

 The birthday boy who wanted this cake postponed his birthday party almost an entire month so I could make his cake for him. He and his mother were super patient with me while I was off vacationing with the family. But eventually we got it done! My daughter was a little freaked out by the Yoda feet. She thought they were creepy haha! 10", 8", and 6" hemisphere confetti cake with vanilla pudding filling, vanilla buttercream, and fondant.

Planes cake

My nephew is a big fan of Planes, specifically Dusty. Confession: I have never seen this movie all the way through. But he loved his cake, so that's what matters! 10" confetti cake with chocolate buttercream and fondant.

Batman, Take 2. This time with cupcakes.

 This "little" cake evolved from a 6" smash cake with cake pops to a 10" round cake with cupcakes. The guests were hungry, lol! The cake was chocolate fudge/french vanilla marble with vanilla buttercream and fondant. And the cupcakes were french vanilla with vanilla buttercream and hand cut fondant toppers.

Gerbers and Chevrons

This cake was for my sister's birthday, and I pretty much had free reign on the design. I knew she loved purple and I knew she loved gerber daisies. So I did some Pinterest searching and drew up a design from there! This cake turned out so cute! This 8" and 6" tiered cake is strawberry with vanilla buttercream and fondant.