Saturday, March 1, 2014

BYU Cake

I talked about the college football rivalry we have here in the great state of Utah when I posted the Utah Utes cake. This is the other half of the rivalry, the BYU Cougars. Here's hoping my blog doesn't implode on itself with both these cakes in one place! The 8" tier is chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream and fondant, and the 6" tier is French vanilla with vanilla buttercream and fondant. Go Cougs!


  1. very nice......... how did you get the fondant so blue? I've tried and mine doesn't come out that dark.....

    1. I use a LMF (Liz Merek Fondant) recipe that takes the color really well. I used A LOT of Wilton's royal blue paste and a little black. I made it a few days ahead of time and let the color deepen as it sat.